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Winter Lawn Prep: The community landscapers will be starting winter lawn scalping and prep next week, Monday, Oct. 3rd and continue on Tuesday the 4th. Please TURN OFF your irrigation to your lawn and leave it off so the lawn will dry out to allow for scalping. 

The landscapers will be seeding the winter lawn the end of next week or the first of the following week.  Once the schedule is set we will let you know and what you will need to set your clock to for germinating the winter lawn seed.

No Winter Lawn in the Common Area Greenbelts this YearWith the current drought situation and a request from the town of gilbert to cut back on winter lawn for common areas, the Board voted to help do their part and not overseed the greenbelts areas this year.  Winter lawn will be done for the owners areas, since many yards have shade and without winter lawn will remain all dirt. 

As a heads up for next year, 2023, if the drought situation continues, there will not be any winter lawn overseeding done in the entire community. 

Thank you for TURNING OFF your irrigation to your lawn to prepare for winter lawn overseeding.